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Sarah Byam

In Arts and Entertainment

A Red Sari: Writing for Life
25th May 2003

In Travel

"Oh, They Were So Very French"
18th June 2002

"A Foot Outside My Door"
1st June 2002

In Politics

"The Un-Ugly American"
9th January 2004

"The Ugly American Liberator"
8th May 2004

"My Country, Wrong or Wrong"
20th March 2003

"Adam Smith's Dead Hand"
24th February 2002

In The Big World

1st December 2005

"A Good Death"
10th October 2004

24th May 2004

"An Athlete's Stomach"
25th April 2004

"Reasons To Be Cheerful: A Stray Comment"
14th March 2004

"Love's Lessons Learned"
10th October 2003

"Do What You Love- To Hell With The Money"
15th July 2002

"On a Path Towards Having Nothing"
16th May 2002

"Youth is Wasted on the Young"
10th March 2002

"Space on the Bus"
21st January 2002

"Remember to Wake Up"
7th January 2002

"Beating the Numbers"
23rd December 2001

"End up as a Clown"
16th December 2001

"The Domino Effect"
9th December 2001

"Strangers in our Age"
25th November 2001

"The Middle Ground"
3rd November 2001






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